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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 9, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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the germans are trying to bail them out to keep them from collapsing but maybe they prefer collapsing. they have beautiful islands there, don't they? have a great afternoon. see you tonight on the fox record at 7:00 eastern. >>neil: go to be back because "bird" is the word and for the president big bird is big news. hold on to your seat we are ready to ruffle more than a few feathers. welcome,en, i am neil cavuto and fox is on top of a president obsessed with a bird. >> for all you moms and kids, don't worry, somebody is finally cracking down on big bird. >> we didn't know that big bird was driving the federal deficit. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> thank goodness someone is getting tough on big bird. >> it is about time.
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>>neil: big bird is a big joke after mitt romney said he would cut funding to pbs rather than borrow money from china. the obama campaign is take on the governor romney that has the folks at "sesame street" stewing. >> one man has the guts to spoke his name. >> big bird. >> big bird. >> big bird. big. yellow. a menace to the economy. mitt romney knows it is not wall street you have to worry about, it's "sesame street." >>neil: i want that defy to voice my ad. with the debt mounting even big bird is getting nervous. >> look at this. don't worry, don't worry, everyone is printing more money. >>neil: big bird that is not so, we are not cleaning it up, we are bigging deeper. if you can't touch big bird,
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what can you touch? this is no joke says my guest. his new book is "who is the fairest of them all." he churns these books out so fast but this could boomerang? >>guest: this is my favorite lines in the debate, actually, when mitt romney said maybe we can live without pbs subsidies. big bird has made more money than a lot of wall street firms. big bird is big enterprise. there is in reason "sesame street," and all characters who have made millions --. >>neil: but elmo on his own replacing big bird, that is a slam dunk. but it is a basic question if joking about big bird and cutting the government's apron springs doesn't cut it what does? >>guest: this is fought a serious debate when president obama said we cannot cut one small program. to we cannot cut this program
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what can we cut? we have $1.1 trillion deficit and that was an improvement. >>neil: the argument is, it is chump change. but you add them up, it adds up. >>guest: i do watch pbs a lot, sometimes i listen to npr but people would listen to it and watch it and like the programming, they should pay if it. talk about children's programming. it used to be "sesame" was the only game in town, the most successful program in the history of tv. now this are hundreds of programs like "sesame street" on pay for profit television. my feeling is, if people like warren buffett and people like ted turner feel this is such an important programming, why shouldn't they pay for it? >>neil: the issue here, you
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know, is what we spending and where we cut back on spending. the argument the liberals give you, maybe we just charge more for what we are spending money on. that gets back to more government, less government, pay month for that government, pay less for that government, and that is the debate. >>guest: pbs is a good example. if it is as valuable as people say, the world would end without pbs, why can't people step up and pay for it? why do they have to go to the federal taxpayer and force people to pay for it? i have full confidence if you pulled the plug on pbs funding they would have fundraisers and they could raise the money. god forbid they have commercials in the programs. is that such a disaster? >>neil: you think this is boomeranging? >>guest: i do. this guy isn't serious about having a serious debate about the huge issue of with we will do about $16 trillion in debt. >>neil: it is a standard joke
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and has been a clip on "saturday night live," that big bird is a silly attack line but what he was saying, look, this is an area where i don't see a high priority to borrow money from china to support this. >>guest: the media says be specific, be specific, about law are cutting and what loopholes to get rid of, and the one program he mentioned there has been a week, now, of attention on this program. it is a very good example, neil, of why it is so hard to cut the federal budget. when you talk about single programs, gingrich learned this less monday in 1995 when i worked for him and we tried to cut the programs out, you get every constituency that cares about the programs and theys every lobbying dollar to save the programs. mitt romney is saying if we cannot get rid of this what can we get rid of? >>neil: do you think the folks at "sesame street" said we don't like being part of an ad campaign, come on, just chill.
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>>guest: i don't know. i do think, i go back to this point, when you have deficits as large as we have right now, it is time to start pruning. maybe we don't have to eliminate corporation for public broadcasting but we can cut the program and i think we should cut programs 20 percent or 30 percent across the board and bring in experts to show how to cut program but still provide the services we want. >>neil: thank you. he puts this in perspective in his book, and in the meantime coming up on fox business network tonight. >> gluttons of greed and the genius who towered over him, one man has the guts to speak. >> big bird. >>neil: you have heard from big bird. now i want you to hear the subject of this new obama ad that no one is talking about but was dead center, the one serving
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time, former tyco c.e.o. speaking to me on fox business network. the earning parade begins in seconds, with alcoa releasing earning in a few minutes with the first component to do so with earnings and revenues expected to come in a big better-than-expected. this is the kickoff to what could be a disappointing quarter for earnings, perhaps, the first contraction we have seen year-over-year in the better part of three years. if that happens it could show an earning recession with stocks bracing for that today, contracting at 110 points on the dow. profits for companies that make up the s&p 500 could be dropping 3 percent this quarter and that could be an upbeat forecast. earlier the forecast was for them to be up 2 percent. that would be the worse performance since late 2009. and now, my guest has been warning about this, the game we have been seeing in the market
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could be short-lived. explain that, please. >>guest: the most pro tempore -- most important factor that affects market is valuation and earnings and interest rates. the interest rates are down to zero and the instead printing $40 billion a month and evaluation is up there so it comes down to earnings. the direction of interest rates, rather, of earnings are now down. if that continues quarter over quarter the next two or three quarters, the market will follow suit. all the good stuff with the fed is basically done at this point in time. >>neil: help me with the expectation game because that is what decides how these are received never mind that the numbers for alcoa are worse than last year, they seemed to is boaten the expectations that they would be more pathetic. what was expected to be flat was up by three cents a share with revenue coming in a couple hundred million better than the
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$5.6 billion anticipated. on that basis, we are to be grateful? or not? >>guest: that's the good part of the equation. a lot companies have sandbagged and the expectations already are low. my favorite company is apple who lowers estimates by the widest of margins and the analysts fall for it and they beat estimates by 30 percent or 40 percent. when all is said and done, lower earnings meeting higher valuation is not a good recipe for a good stock market. with the fed, i don't know what else they can do but print a few trillion and buy up the whole s&p 500 with them probably done with any other news, this is what the markets will be looking at the in few weeks and going into 2013. if they continue to be down, i can promise you the market is going to go through a darn good correction. >>neil: you got yourself in a little bit of controversy when you questioned the reliability
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of the employment data that was out on friday. i think your line was 7.8 percent rhymes with "fast." why do you say that? >>guest: well, i predicted three months ago, not in the last two weeks, that they would get the number under 8 percent come heck or high water. my issue is josh welch was not being mean enough when he was talking the facts. the numbers are scary they would come out with these numbers. i don't believe in them. the whole story is not just this number but for the last three years, the labor participation rate has crashed to where if we just went back for that number we would be 11 percent right now. >>neil: but that is very different than saying this is a deliverable on the part of the bureau of labor statistics to show the data in the favor of the president. >>guest: this was deliberate. i predicted it would happen. i e-mailed the bureau of labor
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and i said can you send me this list of people that are now working this 863,000, just send me 20 names. they said they don't care the lists so the numbers are estimates and someone jumped the estimate and got the number under 8 percent. job well done. it is amazing to me that many journalists out there that are blasting jack welch should be doing their job and investigating the number rather than investigating what josh welch -- jack well were has to say. >>neil: in other words investigate how he came up with that snub? >>guest: this is like like the greatest expansion in history. the none came out of left field. someone has to explain. no one is explaining the number but to say, well, this is what we came up with. >>neil: sort of like the hotel scales that show me five pounds less than i know i am. i will buy that.
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i will stick with that. gary, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >>guest: my pleasure, thank you. >>neil: by the way, talk about a jump on the competition. this young lady was back flipping her way into the record books. it is true. but we have something we think you are going to flip over more. our coverage is thursday at the vice presidential debate live from kentucky, all kicking off at 4:00 p.m. eastern on fox and then we are back at it at 8:00, four hours nonstop coverage. where we end up, no one knows but it is exciting because you never know would will drop by as we gauge the impact on the presidential race and your money, foreign markets. we were the first to tell you that foreign markets were liking what was happening in the debate and the futures markets here were intrigued to put it mildly by what was happening. we marry wall street and main
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>>neil: great scott, who says republicans cannot retake the senate? governor romney is getting a number of republicans a bounce, showing massachusetts senator brown is up from being down. he is leading the democratic challenger by three points now. it doesn't stop with brown. a pollster says the bump is nothing like he has seen before which begs the question, whether it will last. what do you think? >>guest: well, time will tell. we had the debate last week. columbus day weekend, so we have limited poll data. there are big changes, not only in massachusetts but also in ohio. the democrat, brown, had an
1:17 pm
eight-point lead and it is down to one. in wisconsin the democrats' lead has evaporated to one or two in wisconsin. we are seeing in key states, swing state, some coat tail. >>neil: normally, you remind me that the debates do not have long-term impact but could this, and it is dangerous to raise this question, be the exception? could it be different? could the position and the view of mitt romney have been such that just appearing on the stage and not igniting himself, that would have been enough to change views? the performance went more? >>guest: we had two polls predebate, one in florida and virginia we asked who is a better debater and by a long shot it was president obama. we knew that legal of
1:18 pm
expectation was so high for president obama going in it would be difficult to meet or exceed. i don't think anyone plans on what happened in the debate. we are see the effects in the polling data. >>neil: that heightens the pressure on mitt romney for the second debate? >>guest: when you talk about unprecedented, this first debate was an inflection point. what made it amazing from statistics you see fluctuation in polling data when the undecided is high like in the presidential primary. you have undecided at 20 percent or 25 percent and people do not know the candidates yet. here the undecided was seven. in high single digits. so you saw a big swing not only in some of the swing states but in the national polls, a dramatic swing, with a low undecided. that is what makes this an unprecedented move. >>neil: it must speak to the possibility, the possibility, that the president's support or
1:19 pm
a good many other supporters are not as strong or in his column as he thinks. given an appealing alternate they could and indeed will switch. what do you think? >>guest: that is the key. an aping alternate. right now, the national voter pie has, the approval rating of president obama at 47 percent or 48 percent is close enough to make a difference especially in the key states. what mitt romney has done is he has filled the void. we will hit that second inflection point in debate number two next week. we will see whether or not it dissipates, the romney move, or whether it is at a further leg up, if you will, in terms of his moment up. >>neil: thank you, david. good to see you again. to the world's biggest lender, did they just say "we are royally i.m.f."
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>> you have the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank thug. the question i want to ask, who are you? i never heard of you. nobody in europe had heard of you. i would like to ask you, president, who voted for you? >>neil: years ago seeing the dangers of a european commission, a whole union that we learned is not what it was cracked up to be. the leader of the u.k.
1:24 pm
independent party, good to have you. who were you addressing, unelected, at yet not sworn in statement. >>guest: that dull man i was talking to with the glasses was not happy. he had just been appointed, and i repeat, "appointed" the president of europe, the president of 500 million people and non-descript bureaucrat. >>neil: he looks like a professor corwy and your point was what? >>guest: my point was, i don't want to live in the united states of europe because i think the europe has different countries, different languages, different histories, but if you were going to build the united states of europe, surely you wouldn't turn the clock back a thousand years and abolish democracy and finish up with a president that had been appointed and who cannot be removed. that was my basic point. >>neil: you got penalized. >>guest: i was fined. the european parliament fined me
1:25 pm
and it was the maximum fine which was $3,000. i paid it the i had no choice they docked it out of my money. >>neil: for warning the things that are causing riots across greece and europe today? >>guest: and were worse to come, to be honest. listen, if you were greek, the country that actually invented democracy, and i know the greeks have a different culture and don't pay their taxes but they ruled by three foreign bureaucrats. one from the european commission. one from the european central bank. one from the i.m.f. an organization would has gone downhill. >>neil: the same one that says the world is in for stinky times. >>guest: i agree with that and america provides 18 percent of the money to the i.m.f. so american money is being used. >>neil: what do you tell tuesday do? >>guest: get a grip. you are the biggest player.
1:26 pm
get a grip. get rid of the woman who is an offshore post. >>neil: she has been criticizing the way we conduct our fiscal policy in the united states, some of the criticism is warranted but she goes after the very people who are trying to correct it which makes --. >>guest: and paying her vast salary which she pays no tax. the great battle happening in america, happening in europe, the battle of bureaucracy versus democracy. i want to get democracy back. people like these two in the i.m.f. should not be calling the shots. >>neil: do you get a sense, though, that all the world has an inflection point, more government, less government, and that if the united states, the election of ours in four weeks.
1:27 pm
>>guest: you can vote for a cabinet that goes to washington and fundamentally changes the tax structure, bureaucracy, the legislation in this country. what is happening in europe is nation-state democracy which has been subverted totally and given to people like the european president and it doesn't matter how we vote in a british general election because all we are doing is putting into ten downing street a manager. >>neil: some the characters, and you are an exception, they always blame us. listen to this, i know you have strong views on this, and some of you may be familiar. >> this crisis was not originated in europe, since you mention north america, this crisis was originated this north america. >>neil: i thought he was an idiot. he sounded french there. i know he is portugese. i know he has lived all over europe. we consider him french with the attitude. >>guest: an it yock. forget if he is french or portugese he is a former communist. he was a maoist.
1:28 pm
the most extreme. and the european --. >>neil: i had my suspicions. >>guest: the european government is dominated by communists and dominated by people that hate america. >>neil: why can't guys like you get a prominent role. >>guest: i have a prominent role, i'm one of the seven group leaders in the european parliament. >>neil: that are way is the winning way. >>guest: they have the majority. but there is a democratic revolution taking place across northern europe. in finland and the part called the true fins against the bailout and this crazy system of surrendering democracy nearly won the general election. my party in the unite the kingdom we have over taken the democrats and are third in the polls. there is hope and optimum. people need to start voting differently. >>neil: i love people who put people down in front of their face. >>guest: i never stabbed anyone in the back i do it in the front. >>neil: everyone injuries --
1:29 pm
enjoys that. an on to have you. thank you so much. our debt crisis is so important that we are headed to washington on saturday with a very special show countdown to catastrophe, from 10:00 a.m. through noon because if you have not noticed, folks, we hear of a train wreck that could happen in weeks of the election. massive tax hikes and spending cuts that automatically kick in at the end of the year. just what is washington doing about that? nothing. nada. zilch. so we. on a day you will not want to miss, 10:00al on saturday, it is up to me to solve all the world's fiscal ills and if i have to come in on a weekend i will. join us live from washington. ahead of the election here, did the white house just say you go, to a certain victor down there?
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>>neil: hugo with hugs, con gratulat chavez on a job well done, our ambassador bolton is worrying. what do you think of the way we reacted? >>guest: it was a mistake. this is little doubt there is a
1:34 pm
lot corruption in the election. the control of the media that chavez has been able to put in place is extraordinary. the use of government resources to campaign and to buy votes. it could be chicago-style politics that attracted the approval that we gave but it certainly is no example to follow. it is bad news for us and bad news for the people of venezuela. >>neil: obviously you didn't get the memo from jimmy carter who applauded their election process. >>guest: this is a sad commentary on the ability of these kinds authoritarian figures to perpetuate themselves and the power and the prospect of another six years of chavez and what he might do inside venezuela, and what he would do to other fragile democracies in the hemisphere and what he might do to us is truly troubling. >>neil: he is trying to go after u.s. multinational oil
1:35 pm
concerns there, and many argue that with this new lease on life he will up that considerably. >>guest: i think the risk of adventure inreally does grow substantially. one of then he has done is loot the venezuela oil industry. he has not reinvested money and capital expenditures and has really spent the profits rather than using them in a businesslike fashion. so he has constraint down the road. he is unconstrained in helping narcoterrorists against colombia and interfering with elections through the hemisphere. or dealing with the russians on arms sales and potential nuclear reactors and cozying up with ayatollahs of tehran and helping them land during money in violations of sanctions. chavez has an extraordinary career. six more years unless cancer brings them down is daunting for
1:36 pm
the united states especially in a second obama term where there will not be any push back. >>neil: the health prospects is not an immediate concern, although it could change. if he feels emboldened by the six year term and by a president would looks the other way, and chavez has said he likes president obama, then what are we to expect from him? >>guest: he will try to increase his influence around the him story. he tried to effect the mexican presidential recount the last time around. we have seen him give iran a base for terrorist activists through hezbollah. it would not surprise me if that continues. the narco terrorism in both colombia and mexico is a threat. what i really worry about is this revised access of evil with iran. venezuela veteran has the world's second largest reserves
1:37 pm
of uranium ore something that iran desperately needs their cooperate in evading sanctions gives iran a lifeline. the russian interests in getting naval bases in this hemisphere and not in cuba where the castro brothers could die but a more secure place this gives him the ability to cause a lot of trouble for us not just in this hemisphere but around the world. >>neil: thank you, ambassador. good to see you again. >> it is enough to make you sick, not the tens of thousands of regulations on the books but the fact they have the government so distracted to miss an outbreak that could have been prevented. to the judge on the dangers of washington, dc, whose good intentions kills. we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations,
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1:41 pm
contaminated steroid shots for the outbreak causing 11 deaths. many wonder how the regulators missed this. the judge says maybe because they are not up to handling it. >>judge napolitano: this is not a manufacturing facility in massachusetts. it is a "mixing" facility. if it were manufacturing facility it would be regulated by the f.d.a. but they miss cocktails of drugs as treasured by their customers. their customers are the physicians who give the drugs to their patients. >>neil: something was contaminated who is responsible? >>judge napolitano: as a "mixing facility" they are regulated by the massachusetts department of health, the most highly regulated state in the union with the government that is most in your face. it has a government that is physically present at the plants of the people and entities regulated. a bank in massachusetts, a guy on the corner who works on the
1:42 pm
state a regulator. i don't know if they have a person physically plenty but they have the right to do so. it is obvious that the state cannot keep its people and others when this is shipped outside the state, say. >>neil: what is the alternative? >>judge napolitano: to have insurance companies do the regulating because they are on the hook. when someone is injured because the state drops the ball, the state cannot be sued. when someone is injured because appear insurance company drops the ball, the insurance company can be sued. you believe that they are going to be certain that every batch of chemicals that is mixed in that facility is safe because if it is not, they are going to pay if it. >>neil: wouldn't the insurance company say to hell with hit we will not get involved with this, we could be sued. >>judge napolitano: the drug will not be on the market or a company will and the price will go up but it will be safer
1:43 pm
because the additional price pays for the additional inspections. not a government inspector would doesn't lose his job and whose boss doesn't lose money when he does a lousy job but an insurance company or some similar entity in the free market that is at risk. >>neil: they are just too busy pumping out all the regulations that the government has to be on top of and they are sidetracked. they are regulating far too much and on the important stuff they are dropping the ball. >>judge napolitano: we are speaking to the converted the. the government is incapable of doing what it has charged itself with the responsibility for doing because it has no competition and there are no consequences. >>neil: they are distracted on food carts being x number of feet from the cub. that i would say, i would pass on the food cart and focus on the stuff that going in my blood stream. >>judge napolitano: the regulators are so far removed from the political process, will anyone not vote for a governor
1:44 pm
because the regulators missed this? this will happen again. the regulators will stay. >>neil: now over to what is coming up on "the five." >>guest: i don't know if you are a chooseless fan, the movie popular with my generation, one of the stars from that movie came out in support of mitt romney and she is an african-american actress and the feedback she has gotten has been so heinous, so nasty against her for supporting mitt romney. shocker, no one in hollywood has her back on this. so, i'm waiting for someone to, could out and actually condemn this hate speech. i don't know if i should hold my breath. i don't know if there is a lot of courage in tinsel town. >>neil: it is tough to succeed in that environment when you are of a political tripe. >>guest: they are afraid they will be blacklisted from movies and never get work again.
1:45 pm
i commend her for coming out and being courageous. it and the tolerance of the intolerant i like to call it. a lot of people are tolerating intolerance. this is a lesson for voters. especially young voters. this is what happens when you come out and you try and endorse someone on the right especially as a william, you are called all the nasty names. it doesn't play well with the republican war on women argument. >>neil: look forward to it. >> this just in, gallup has mitt romney is up, leading the president across the country. four weeks out, making a battle of it in one very super crucial state in this country. customer erin swenson bought from us online today. so, i'm happy. sales go up... i'm happy.
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>>neil: what the buckeye?
1:49 pm
maybe mitt romney is it in ohio. after being given up for dead a poll shows the presidential race is now basically dead even there, and pat caddell says forget weather the numbers could be rigged this is a trend that is not rigged. you say these inroads of mitt romney appear to be making are real. >> they are big. and everywhere. this is a proving this is a national election. if the last two days in pennsylvania and michigan, two states everyone said were over, there have been two polls in each state showing a race three or two points for obama from 10 or 12. everything is happening across the board because a national election. the debate was a national real event. romney, who had been demonized by the obama attack machine, successfully, by the way, gets up there and is able to dispell it, the one thing that debate did, and he was good and he solved two things, he wasn't an
1:50 pm
ogre and he had ideas. >>neil: there was only one carter reagan debate and there was not a chance for cater to come back and prove himself. there are two more tunes for the president. >>guest: he is the other problem. there are two more debates for romney to further what he did in the first debate. or not. but there is a good chance the president is on the horns of a dilemma coming up on the town meeting. they trying to go back to it being an attack. first of all, i am stunned that the romney campaign is not taking exerts and run them on television to reinforce their victory. he did great. the campaign is as bad as ever. he has the opportunity to trap the president. this is a president of i'm going to bring the country together, hope and change, and now he is going to be an attack dog in
1:51 pm
front of real people? not is fast. >>neil: what about the argue that the president's support may not be what we thought? in other words, it is not entirely but at least a good chunk of it partly on sand? >>guest: given an appealing alternative, remember, what i call the disappointed obama voters, the people who all year long have been saying, the undecided, the soft voters for not like what he has done, hoped he would do better, now necessity have seen an alternative and that is what is moving. let me tell you something, the ball is in romney's court. the president is under pressure but romney can win or lose this but the place he better win or lose is ohio. >>neil: republicans have say need were not accurate and they were fixed and they are seizing on the polls that are more favorable. >> i didn't like the pew poll
1:52 pm
numbers before but i am looking at gallup and rasmussen. >>neil: you look at the trend. >>guest: the trend. >>neil: it goes from heavy to the president and now not heavy to the president. >>guest: the president got a burn out of the harder than to believe numbers that came out on unemployment. >>neil: not much. do the polls reflect that? or is that a delay? >>guest: it is having an effect, a little bit of come down you with it doesn't matter. i told you before the debate, the debate is not about who wins the votes. there are more memorial moved on votes in this debate than normally. remember i said, it is how you affect the structure of race. that is what happened. >>neil: do the debates get as much of a rating, 70's million watched this, as -- is it all uphit for the president because the lion's share watch the first? >>guest: that is excellence. we will see if the second people if people tune in to see if
1:53 pm
romney does it again. that could be what happens. in 1984 there was a huge debate audience for the second because people wanted it see whether reagan really lost it or just had a bad night in the first debate with mondale. this is, i think, it will be a big audience because obama people and other voters want to see if it is for real. >>neil: thank you. big bird, grow up, don't have a fit over mitt, fly free from washington. ♪
1:54 pm
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